Bulls AD: Program wants to 'get away’ from playing I-AA schools

(Patrick) #1

This is good. All conference members need to go to our strategy in scheduling games (at least 2 P5 and no FCS). We want to be P6, we need to schedule better across all sports.

Speaking on his school-produced podcast Tuesday, Harlan said he and Coach Charlie Strong’s philosophy going forward is to attempt to play at least two Power Five programs — and perhaps three — annually.

“We both want to get away from playing (I-AA) schools,” Harlan said. "I don’t think it does us a great service to play too many of those. And I’m saying that with all due respect; there are some incredible (I-AA) programs and some that are on our schedule.

(Ben B) #2

I would argue that slightly. All the top conference members such as UH, USF, UCF, Memphis, Navy, Etc. should do that. Those at the bottom should schedule a win.

(Bryant Hargrave) #3

Agreed, the bottom of the league should not schedule hard bottom feeders should schedule soft, gather wins and come into conference looking as good as possible.

(PMM) #4

My understanding is that their deals are 2 for 1.

No likey !

2 for 1 deals seem submissive to me !

(sarkcoog) #5

I agree. If they do too many 2 for 1 deals, they will find themselves playing more road games than home games each year or will have to schedule 1 and done with FCS schools.

(Mike Higdon) #6

I think we should not schedule anymore FCS games after the ones we already have on the books. If we could get out of those, I’d say go for it except for the TSU game which is a deal for them letting us use their BB facility. If we can’t get home and home with P5’s, then get them with G5’s. There are a lot of good P5 teams to play and some that are fun to go to, like UTSA.


Strategy for scheduling should be obviously P5. Especially regional P5 teams like LSU, Arkansas, OU, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and if we could manage to pull off a series vs A&M or UT that would be solid. For UT and A&M I’d suggest for a 3 game series. One at TDECU, one at their stadium and the third at NRG. Maybe that gives them enough courage to schedule the Coogs. If P5 schools aren’t willing to schedule UH, why not go and schedule Mountain West teams or other Texas G5 teams.

(PMM) #8

Ah youth !

The really big boys will not come here. Most want 8 home games because they make about $10 Mil per home game. Bless them… They have bills to pay.

We have chances to schedule home and home with the dregs of the P5 and that is about it.

And by the by, I don’t care if we EVER play ut or a$m again !

(Jimmy Morris) #9

You are crazy for thinking UT and/or A&M would even think of a schedule like that. The best we would get from either is their place and NRG.

Our future schedule is just want it needs to be. Hopefully we can continue to schedule like that and the rest of the top half of our conference can follow our lead.


I don’t think that they would actually want to set up a series vs UH

(Jimmy Morris) #11

Very confusing


I said IF UH could pull off a series not that UH would and should.

(Patrick) #13

Policy a few years ago was to not schedule any more FCS so none are on the schedule…except for TSU as part of paying them back for the use of their arena. I’m assuming that Pezman won’t change the policy.