Burrell At Running Back?


Given that of the first five running backs we’ve seen this year have not had a break out performance, what not see what Burrell can do? I remember him from last year as a really big kid who also runs track. Just wondering.

(ronald walla) #2

I would like to see Burrell inside the 20.

(Eric Prado) #3

Why would he want to risk his track career to fill in for other capable running backs already on the team?


I’m confused. Does Josh Burrell (RB currently on the football team) run track? I thought Cameron Burrell was the only Burrell on the track team.

(Eric Prado) #5

I think you just helped answer my question.

I no longer think OP is talking about Cameron Burrell


My mistake on running track. But still a big runner who could have a better chance on short yardage.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

Birden hasn’t been given much of a chance for whatever reason. He clearly outperformed Catalon in Arizona yet has been given the ball less the last two games combined than the Arizona game. It would be nice if we could get a reason from Applewhite.


I notice Burrell is listed at 15lbs less than last year. 232 vs 247. At 5’10" you’d think he might be worth a shot on short yardage plays. Woody Hayes had Archie Griffin and he knew enough to give it to Pete Johnson on 3rd and 1. And we don’t have an Archie Griffin.


Be careful about criticizing Catalon…