Bye week news

(Patrick) #1

(Eric Prado) #2

I like that last quote the best

(Patrick) #3


We really need him on special teams coverage.


We need him to see the field too; he might be starting OLB next season, depending on who returns.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

Even with injured guys healing up in the off week, I’d be shocked if McDowell didn’t earn himself a starting spot for the rest of the season.

(Cary) #7

He is impressive.

(Monte P Gilliam) #8

he is a hitter and a ball hawk…Love him, because he makes things happen. You have to find a place for a youngster who plays like he does…


Too bad he’s a senior


True, but, honestly that’s the way it should be. Guys should stay in the program 4 years and set an example for the incoming class(es) on what it takes to make an impact.


McDowell transferred from Texas State.


Good to know.

I don’t think it makes him less of an example of working your butt off for 4 years.

(Tom) #13

Wish he had another year as a OLB. He was fantastic last week , thought we had Phillip Steward or ERob back there.