BYU - aftermath of expansion

On the Big 12 “leading BYU on” during expansion consideration:

“I don’t really feel like they led us on. I really feel – and I may be wrong – but I feel that they really wanted to do this. I don’t think everyone in the conference wanted to do it, but it is a conference and they have the membership of the conference, and they voted to do it. Whether it was the presidents, or the ADs, or how the coaches felt, I’m not really sure about that. But going through the process as we did, I felt really good about it. It was a good process. We were able to say and show and do everything we needed to do to put our best foot forward. I just think that the information that came out after they got into the process, they just made a business decision and a decision among the conference, which they could, to stop and not do it. So I don’t think they misled us, but they changed direction once they started.

Mr. Holmoe is keeping BYU’s options open. He is trying not to upset anyone and has no other choice.

Exactly, didn’t rule anything out to include joining another conference. Think it would be nice to try to get them in the American for the next tv deal.

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