C/O '19 Sprinter Caleb Boger from Mesquite commits to UH T&F (Update: Signed)

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As a sophomore, Caleb was 9th in the 200m at the 6A Finals. He also finished 6th in the 200m finals and 6th in the 4x100 at the USATF Junior Olympics this past summer.


Golf and T&F Recruiting

It must be breathtaking for these young athletes to have Carl Lewis come by their home for a visit. That would be like Jesse Owens coming to visit me when I was a teenager.

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Agreed. I still remember the CKS story about Rob Gray’s dad on the recruiting trip when he saw Carl Lewis and got all excited. CKS called Carl over and Gray’s dad got to meet and talk to him. Basically cinched the deal according to CKS.

It would be hard for me, as a T&F recruit, to want to go anywhere else if Coach Lewis showed up in my home.

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