Cage Rage '18 set for Wednesday, Aug 29th

Looks like the UH Cougar Food account is the 1st to release the date: site also has it listed under their “Weeks of Welcome” Page. Nothing on the athletics site though.

Now, we just need the hurricanes to stay away this year.

Fans attending the event will hear from Houston Football Head Coach Major Applewhite and Vice President for Athletics Chris Pezman prior to receiving a first glimpse of the 2018 intro video.

With both Spirit of Houston and artists to be named later in concert, Houston fans will not want to miss the event that will end at 9:30 p.m. following a fireworks show and UH20 – The Ultimate Soak Down, in what is expected to be the largest water balloon fight in the City of Houston’s history.

Cougar Pride members at the All-American Club Level ($1,000-$2,499) and up are invited to a special Cougar Pride Kickoff Event from 6-7 p.m. in the Cougar Club. Complimentary food provided by BB’s Café as well as a cash bar will be available at the event. Check-in for the event takes place in the Dan and Beth Bellow Club Entrance.

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Glad to see they are investing to get the students out.

Who could they add to get the alumni? :thinking:

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Kenny Rogers is a Coog

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Larry Gatlin

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Islands in the stream

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Patrick - FYI - Doors open at 5:30 for the CP Kickoff Event, program starts at 6:00.

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Just a reminder that this is tomorrow

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I will for sure be there! Very excited to see how things compare to last year. Cpez is investing big to get the students to come out in mass.

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I’ll be there as well.

i got the email for it. do we just show up and they have our names on a list?

If you are talking about the Cougar Pride portion of this event, that’s how it works.


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