Caleb Mills Highlights - The Elite Scorer


He is truly a human highlight reel. That kid can light it up!

Nicely done @pesik!

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This is the one I have been waiting on @pesik!!!

Staff pulled off a heist getting him out of NC.


He’s an amazing scorer but those defensive plays are pretty impressive too


@pesik…just curious…do any of the players you make these videos for ever reach out to you with feedback or accolades?

on the football side the players normally reach out to me before hand asking if i can make them something…the basketball side not really…dejon and nate both wrote a mini thank you letters for the ones i made their 1st year…the staff went out their way to thank me for the preseason hype video…but thats about it

i do get random slack from the UH video department every now and then. Once the UH womens bball players noted how i only made things for the guys, obviously guilt tripped i made a bunch of stuff for the womens teams from whatever i found online. Did surprisingly well on social media, and the womens video guy went on tirade about how i didnt credit him and their staff for using their raw footage to make the clips…in 2015 they also tried to hire me with no pay…lol


I’m close enough to retirement that I would take that gig. But I don’t have your skill at it and all the music would be ZZ Top!!!

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Good stuff pesik. Thanks again.

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