Cam Burrell to comepete at IAAF World Relays in Yokohama 11-12 May

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The event will consist of nine events: the 4x100m, 4x200m and 4x400m for both men and women, and a mixed 4x400m, shuttle hurdle relay and a 2x2x400m relay. The relays will take place on May 11-12 at the Yokohama International Stadium in Yokohama Stadium.

The full roster can be found by clicking HERE.

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Cam will be at the Penn Relays this weekend:

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“I want to add to the family legacy,” he said Friday at a news conference with four of his USA vs. the World teammates. “I’m very, very privileged to have a family who has done a lot in this sport between my father, my mother, my aunt. So my biggest motivation is just to add to that legacy.”

Leroy Burrell, his coach with the Cougars, enjoyed a spectacular career at Penn Wood High School and Houston. He still holds the Penn Relays record for the college 100, 10.10 seconds. He later went on to hold the 100-meter world record twice, 9.90 in 1991, and 9.85 on July 6, 1994 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Great last leg run by CB to edge out the Jamaican’s for the bronze.

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Saw that he’s contemplating running this weekend at the meet here to prep for Yokohama.

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Cam was hauling at the end:

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USA 4x100, anchored by Cam Burrell, with the 4th fastest time in prelims. Cam pulled away from China, and was able to shut it down before the finish line.

I also watched the first 2x2x400m mixed relay (men & women). Interesting format, I liked it. One man & one woman for each team; they alternate laps, so each runner runs two 400m races. Most teams started with the woman, but a couple started with the men. Made for a very interesting finish.

The website below says the relays are broadcast live on YouTube. I found the races by searching YouTube.

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