Camp Kesem expansion to UH

(Patrick) #1

UH is currently leading. If you can, go out and vote for this cause

Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. In 2017 we provided free summer camp experiences to over 7,300 children through the efforts of 4,000+ college student leaders at 105 chapters across the country.


I voted today and I noticed that another Coog voted just after I did. Hope more go vote.


Voting, but was I the only person that read the title as “Case Keenum”?


you can vote once every day and get a second vote by posting to facebook or twitter. thank you


We’re still in the lead but need to keep it! Keep voting, folks!


Be sure to get in and vote again tonight! It’s the last day to vote so please make it count!


I voted every day and it was neck and neck between UH and LSU with the lead flipping several times. Now that the voting is over, any one know what the final totals were?

(Patrick) #8

Last time I voted, UH was pulling away a bit.