Can we fast forward to 2020

i don’t know what to say

Then why did you start a thread?


In one month, basketball starts. Focus on that positivity.


Holgerson needs to shave it off. I mean his hair 💇


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heh, today he was pulling it out! Give him time and it’ll all be out by the roots!

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The game started out like it was going to be a long day. Overall, I thought the effort was good and the defense actually made some adjustments and played better as the game went on. However, when you’re missing your best player you can’t turn the ball over three times and drop passes. UC was beatable today. The Coogs just couldn’t do enough to get over the hump.


You really think we’re gonna be good 2020? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::crazy_face::rofl::poop::expressionless:

Other than Oklahoma, everyone has been beatable lol



The answer is: Nope lol

What do I win :innocent:

This is a bad season in all aspects. I thought our low point was the army game. But the games arent even enjoyable in a fan aspect. The concessions are worse. The music non existant and not loud enough. No true chants other than the 2-3 we always sing to keep us engaged. No refills. The lines to get in were long. With the debacle we had at QB first quarter it doesnt seeks worth it.

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Wow…you need to stay away from razor blades !!

If you graduated in 2017, you may not have a long life with this attitude.:sunglasses:

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Maybe being used to being treated bad has stuck with some of you but I’ve had better experiences at other stadiums and I’m a Coog win or lose. I just know theres so much more we or they could do.

Personally, I can do with out the “music” !!

I know, I know…get off my lawn.


I think he should get one of those obvious hair transplant surgeries and then go to the Monday press conference straight faced like nothing happened


Now that’s funny!

I with you on that. The music that “wasn’t loud enough” for CMCoog17, was loud enough to prevent the young lady at Chic Fil A from hearing or I her. Personally, I would rather just hear our band.


Must be that I’m hard of hearing. (No joke) but I cant be that deaf.