Car break in San Francisco

(Chris) #1

In the PAC12 needs Texas bad a San Francisco Chonicle thread was included. Did you notice the following?

Make sure you get full coverage on your car insurance when you visit.

Check the number of arrests. In the world of cctv and other security cameras it is mind boggling that this is happening.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #2

I stopped locking my car doors almost 20 years ago over broken windows. I’ve had cars broken into three times in my life, and the biggest loss was a $25 car stereo. Once they stole 75 cents. When I’m paying at least $100 to replace a window (and it probably got a lot more expensive in the last 20 years) it just doesn’t make financial sense to lock the doors to protect 75 cents.

(Chris) #3

I have a few obvious questions:
How much is your car insurance?
Is it illegal to use security video footage in San Francisco’s courts?
Do you lock your doors at night?
How can this be tolerated?

(Timothy Q. Chan) #4

I don’t know if you were asking me, but on the two that apply:

How much is car insurance? I don’t know, my “boss” takes care of that. I know the deductible is more than the cost to replace a window.

Do I lock doors at night? Not my car doors. I will say that I do lock them if I have something valuable in the car. My rule is, if it’s more valuable than the window, I’ll lock my door. But I just tend not to have anything that valuable in the car. “Driver carries no cash - he’s married.”

I did an interesting experiment one time (or one period of time). Wife had a laptop that died. We took out the hard drive, and I left the dead laptop in my back seat in the open, with doors unlocked. I drove around like that for almost two years, never lost the laptop. I was surprised. Was it luck, who knows?

I tend to drive cars that are 5 - 15 years old, nothing flashy, usually in need of a wash. Maybe my car just wasn’t an attractive target.

There’s no “neighborhood security” or gated community or anything. I’m not far off of Yellowstone, between Third Ward and Sunnyside. I’ve used the laptop experience many times to explain to people that I don’t live in an apocalyptic war zone.

Or maybe it’s just that thieves go where the money is. And I ain’t got none. I’m wealthy in other ways… Good looks, witty, charming, honest to a fault. :wink: