Case to sign with Broncos


If that is the Case…Go Broncos!

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Yes, I will be a Broncos fan beginning at 3:00pm CDT tomorrow which is when he can officially sign. I would love to see him take the Broncos to the Super Bowl and the Vikings not even make it to the NFC championship game. With Rodgers healthy I expect the Packers and Eagles to be in that game. The Vikings won’t make it past the Eagles, Packers, Saints, and maybe not even Atlanta.


I saw somewhere it is between $18-20 mil a year… is that right? I certainly hope so!!! He’ll have enough to make it “Keenum Stadium, formerly TDECU” lol!


As a Chiefs fan I will be in a very weird place emotionally next year.

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After two seasons in quarterback purgatory, Elway didn’t want to wait for the rest of the market to make his move. The Broncos executive said in January that people don’t understand how “miserable” a 5-11 season is, especially for a proud franchise like the Broncos which hasn’t experienced back-to-back losing seasons since the early 1970s.

Elway surveyed the field and decided that Keenum was the right choice to reverse Denver’s course and keep that remarkable streak going. Forever a backup, Keenum was essentially the starting quarterback for this free-agent period.

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I am out of town but I sure hope this is for the most guaranteed money possible.


Texans play at Denver this upcoming season. That will be interesting to watch.

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Cousins does replace Case:

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Winners & Losers of Case to Broncs

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My bet it is similar to Bortles. 3yr $54MM with about half guaranteed.

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He deserves $40M guaranteed. That is today’s QB market. Let’s hope he gets it. It will be a wise move if the Broncos trade down, improve their entire OL and other key positions. In case the Broncos draft a QB at #5 Case is again a “stop gap” in the eyes of many.

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Imagine if the Broncos drafted Saquon Barkley #5?

(Alfred Matthews) #15

no way barkley gets past 3.

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Bills are looking to move into the top 5 to draft a QB…some rumors that the Broncos may be the team they target.

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If they told Case, take 2 million less per year and we can use that to go get a probowl Olineman and we are going to draft another in 1st round. I’d take that deal if I were Case.

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What the Broncos end up doing in the draft will tell us a lot of how they view Case.