Catalon & Car injury status?

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Are either of these guys out for Navy?


Who knows Applewhite has stopped talking to the fans


I believe Catalon is still dealing with a shoulder issue and Car an ankle issue. Available but limited per the Chronicle.


Oh, Lordy, Lordy! With all of those running back injuries, who is now going to carry the ball on our dive plays into the middle that gain no yards when we need a first down? Who is going to be there to take the handoff and gain less than a yard in the red zone?

Let’s face it: our current QB is our best runner. Also, we ain’t going to win any games by relying on the run. If we want to win, then we are going to have to Gary Ward it the rest of this year.

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Getting pretty tired of ignorant fans like this


The Longhorns are secretly bombarding their brains with radiation. It’s all part of the conspiracy.


Another reason to avoid Thursday games. Not enough time to get over dings and bruises. Everyone one knows college football is best on Saturday. Only caveat, I enjoy watching the other games on the tube on the Saturdays we don’t play.