Catalon -- Cleared for SMU

Concussion. Not playing.

Yep. Where’d that come from?


According to Herman after the game, Adams and Bowser got into a fight playing video games Friday night. Bowser broke a bone and will be out a few weeks while Adams was suspended tonight. Adams will be back for Navy.

Pokemon Go is serious business.

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Alex Leslie was also out due to an ankle injury.


Edit: thought he had said video games, but listening to the clip again, CTH said “silly games” as part of their normal Friday night tradition on the field.

Still, good one @wewantyoursoul and technically could still apply in this case.


All I know is that he has only played in 3 of 6 games this year !1

We need to sign some new running backs that can handle the load…and I don’t mean 170 pounders !!!

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Not impressed with Catalon’s durability at all. This is becoming a major issue especially when we can’t start our number 1 RB for half our games.

And you are right we should aim to sign one more RB prospect in this next class.

I think Birden and Car are going to get better. They are both very young and inexperienced. Kevrin Justice is also just a redshirt FR. Next year we have Patrick Carr (5’8", 190 lbs transfer from Colorado), Carlos Grace (5’10", 186 lbs), Elijah Gooden (5’11", 205 lbs) and Daniel Young (6’0", 210 lbs) coming in. You never know how any young guys are going to turn out, but all of these guys are 3 star backs. That’s a lot of depth if Catalon doesn’t work out.

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I think the RB position is potentially the most prone to injuries. I remember last year we were down 2 RBs for one game. So, if we can get another good player in this class, it would really solidify the depth there.

We miss the blocking from Farrow on Ward’s power sweep.


Golden may end up like Brandon Wilson and play DB, but be an option at RB.

I’d worry more about the offensive line. I’m not sure if in the last year and a half we have started the same 5 offensive linemen in 3 straight games.

I heard today at pregame tailgate that Duke may be out for the year – and maybe for career. I don’t remember the source from which this came, but it was supposedly from someone on the staff. Hope this is wrong for several reasons; but if true, it is better to give up football than one’s future health. We don’t want kids getting brain damage.

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