Celebrities at UH Game



(Patrick) #2

CP3 does have ties as it was his push that got us the Jordan Brand last year.


What astounds me is that when our Basketball team is good, we take over the city and there is nothing but love from every direction (Including aggies and longhorns).

When our football team is good, it is met with a lot of hostility. It is almost as if the longhorns and aggies are willing to concede that we can be a basketball power.

(Thomas) #4

I don’t know about that premise. I know numerous shorts and aggies that attended games when Hermosa was here.

(Mark Shapiro) #5

I agree Boss. We got A TON of love in 2015.


Saw Carl Lewis when I entered the stadium. Disappointed there wasn’t a hub cap guy sighting :frowning:

(zx504) #7

Love the “shorts” and “Hermosa” references.


I saw Eat Em Up at the game. Anyone who has been going to Cougar games for 72 years is a celebrity in my book.