CFP ratings

After combing through the Advocare ratings past and present, decided I’d do another comparison. CFP ratings versus BCS championship and top two bowls.

  1. 28.4m + 26.9m + 21.5m = 76.8m (first round on the 1st)
  2. 25.3m + 19.3m + 19.2m = 63.8m (first round on the 31st)
  3. 26.2m + 18.6m + 15.6m = 60.4m (first round on the 31st)
  4. 34.2m + 28.2m + 28.3m = 90.7m (first round on the 1st)

BCS Championship plus top 2 rated bowls
2013) 26.1m + 18.6m + 16.3m = 61.0m (on 6th, 1st and 2nd respectively)
2012) N/A

Found it interesting that by placing the first round games on the 31st when most people were still working or doing something for new years, the numbers dropped to equal what they were before the playoffs. Whoever made that decision to move games from the 1st to the 31st is probably unemployed now.

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This is incredible. What I want to know is where were you able to get the viewer numbers for this year, next year, and for 2020.


That’s funny. Didn’t notice. It’s autocorrecting. If i go to edit, it shows the numbers going backwards.


Rats, I was going to try to get some future lotto numbers from you :wink:


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