Chancellor Khator on expansion - "It's just about time"

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UH president on Tom Herman: "We’ll try to hang on to him"
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Khator, speaking at a dedication ceremony to honor the financial contributions by UH students to help build TDECU Stadium, said she takes “a lot of pride” in schools expressing interest in Herman.

“I always want to have people that have more fire in their belly than I do, who are the best in their work,” Khator said. “It proves basically that our coach is the best.”

Couple of key words in there are " try " and " think ".

FIRST THINGS FIRST … as I have repeated ad nauseam …

Get into a P5 …


Worry about keeping the Sabans Hermans Knute Rochne’s

Otherwise you are just a Greyhound/Grand Central station where the promising HC are just passing through and the Helton’s Dimels and Levine’s are parked forever until you chase them out.

Her words, commitment are music to my ears. That is what matters to me the most. Coaches come and go nowadays. SHE IS OUR TRUE LEADER.


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