Chart: Major Applewhite completes Houston coaching staff

Chart: Major Applewhite completes Houston coaching staff

When Herman put together a Houston staff, he said he wanted them to be the best recruiting staff in the state of Texas. Applewhite’s staff doesn’t have as many ties, several coaches are still young in their careers, and his coordinators have never coached in the state, though Johnson is from Texas.

I think that the primary reason that Tom Herman kept saying that he had the best coaching staff in the nation at UH was to send the message to the folks in Austin.

Herman is a salesman. Kind of reminds me of a car salesman like Cal Worthington, Art Grindle, et al.


I’ve said it before, but a very similar staff to Sumlin.

Rising star OC with P5 pedigree. (Johnson vs Holgorsen)
Veteran DC with P5 pedigree (D’Onofrio vs Skladany)
Experienced OL coach with several G5 gigs (Hiller vs Gilbert)
Veteran WR coach (Wyatt vs Phillips)
Veteran defensive assistant (Jennings vs Burtnett)
Former NFL player (Casey vs Jeffcoat)
Former HS coach (Blum vs McKinney)
Former GA (Carrel vs Spavital)

The “Major” difference, as it were, is that Sumlin hired a dedicated special teams coach, while Applewhite will handle those duties himself or split them among several assistants.

Sumlin hit more home runs (Holgorsen, Spavital, McKinney, Gilbert) than strike outs (Skladany, Jeffcoat). As a result, he won 9 games a year.

Applewhite’s success will be determined by these hires.

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If we have Sumlin results I’m good.


I was going to ask about special teams coach; but it was answered. It will be interesting how that works out.

That and the players on the field. Frankly, I’d rather have Alabama’s talent and Alcorn State’s coaching staff than vice-versa.

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While true, we aren’t starting with Alcorn State talent.

No new Cougar football coach has inherited 7 National Top 300 recruits (as ranked in HS).


Plus possibly R.Samples for 8 total. Not to mention about 12-15 other starters and key reserves.

The talent is in place. Hell, James Dickey had talent. Talent isn’t enough.

Applewhite’s success will depend on how well his staff teaches the schemes and motivates the talent already on hand to execute those schemes.

If nothing else you have to figure that this year’s team will be playing with a giant chip on its shoulder to show Herman and the deserting staff what they left.

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OP stated, “When Herman put together a Houston staff, he said he wanted them to be the best recruiting staff in the state of Texas.”

Just because our current staff doesn’t have as many ties to state of Texas, it doesn’t mean they can’t recruit here. A good salesman is a good salesman, whether in his home town or elsewhere.

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Oh, I agree coaching is important. I just also agree with Bobby Bowden that “the team with the best players usually wins.” Also agree there’s talent on hand. If we could get some speed at receiver and develop the youngsters up front who are no longer pale green, we should be very good offensively. On defense, I love our defensive line and safeties. I am concerned about cornerback and linebacker. I assumed Howard Wilson would be back, and without him . . . Maybe there’s not a JC CB out there worth signing or maybe they think Javian or Kadarian Smith will be the next William Jackson.If neither is the case, then I would find a juco cornerback who was just competent because if we can get just that, I think we’ll be very good again on defense. Also need the new LBs to step up, but corner is a serious concern, IMO. If we can’t cover people that’s going to be a problem.

OP didn’t state that.

He quoted it from the article.

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