Charting Kyle Postma

(Patrick) #1

(Brad) #2

"On review Postma’s ball security wasn’t a huge upgrade from Allen’s. Postma had two passes that should have been picked off by Temple but were dropped. Temple also had another pick negated by a defensive pass interference call. "

(Cary) #3

“In 41 pass drops, Postma only took three hits and was hurried twice. He gets rid of the ball quickly and with accuracy. One of Houston’s drops came on a throw that would’ve been a TD to Dunbar on a 50/50 ball. Postma had another TD pass negated by an offensive pass interference call. Postma’s ability to escape pressure can’t be discounted compared to Allen’s. On Saturday Postma extended plays in the pocket and turned upfield to make something happen if necessary.”

(Brad) #4

The " but postma was doing it against a prevent D" quieted down this week…but so did the "postma can have my daughter " crowd.

(Dan) #5

Wasn’t one of the near picks on an offsides anyway? Wouldn’t have counted. Postma also did a great job on another offsides throwing it deep and completing a pass on a free play.