Christmas gifts

(Eric Prado) #1

So what cool UH related Christmas gifts did your family get you??

I got some UH flanel pajama pants, a Champions sweater, metal water bottle, UH decal for my truck, and last but certainly not least is a UH football signed by Case Keenum!

(jb) #2

I got some UH socks. Look forward to wearing them next fall.

(Mike Higdon) #3

I got a UH blanket and a Case Keenum Minnesota Vikings jersey. As for UH stuff, There isn’t a whole lot new they could get me that I don’t already have. I have about 80 T-shirts, Polos, and sweat shirts, I have Coog jackets, coats, tennis shoes, several types of socks, Coozies, mugs of all kinds like Tervis and Yeti, cups, glasses, coolers, tail gate gear, banners, clocks, etc., and 14 ball caps.


Astros run christmas this year


Got a drifit long sleeve gray shirt for running. Houston marathon coming up so if it is below 40 might go with that, otherwise sticking to red shirt with large UH on chest. I got my 3 year old niece a shirt with the cartoon Shasta.

(Katie) #6

A UH bear that plays the fight song, my daughter loves it

(Patrick) #7

Got the same


I received a uh license plate holder, cooling towel, pjs, and a UH plush blanket. Deployed son in getting a couple of UH t shirts, grandkids also received UH shirts and blankets. UH gifts are always in style at our house.

(Albert) #9

UH coaster and tumbler.


A #10 jersey and a UH fleece jacket.


UH flannel pajama pants, a UH Champions sweatshirt, UH outdoors hunting/fishing L/S T-shirt, and a #10 jersey

(JohnnyCougar) #12

I got a really neat lump of coal that will keep me nice and warm when I light it.