Chron says Baylor should burn?

I agree. Burn Baylor Burn.

It’s a sad state of things but there is no way the NCAA is going to touch them after bungling the response to Penn State…who should be rebuilding after a death penalty of their own.


Many of our fans were bent out of shape when Briles left us for Baylor. Turns out to be the best thing that could ever have happened to us. Funny - how things work out that way sometimes!


I don’t want to start a back and forth about one school’s bad behavior being worse than another’s, or that what has gone on at Baylor is criminal activity by individuals, for which the institution cannot be sanctioned. However, this is clearly a case of institutional control, or the lack of it. There has to be consequences.

That said, I sincerely hope that we can avoid this kind of mess in the future. If this was our goat rope, I’d expect some harsh sanctions, and we’d deserve it. I don’t understand the win at all cost mentality.

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Baylor will avoid the consequences because they are putting it on Briles. “It was Briles not Baylor.”

Agreed, Baylor’s pinning all their hopes on putting the blame on the scapegoats. It’s damning that they won’t release a full report.

You can change management but a crime was committed and must be attoned for.

It won’t be on Baylor, the Big12 and Baylor will make sure of it.

That schools going to h€ll.

Some of us remember SMU and what they were like after their death penalty. It took them a long time to shake that and I believe they still suffer. Don Merideth of the Dallas Cowboys was from SMU if memory serves. Those were fun days.

Baylor has had murder, rape, animal cruelty among it’s transgressions. Time for the plug to be pulled.

Add prostitution solicitation to the list. Looks like the new S&C coach was arrested.

Baylor strength coach arrested

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