Cincinnati prediction


Coogs win 72-69


The threes fall, the FC is packed, we rock by 10!!

(Nick K) #3

UH 75-67 UC


If you are a city whose only claim to culinary fame is Skyline Chili you don’t deserve to live let alone win a basketball game. Coogs win by 8.

(Ben B) #5

73-68 Coogs!

(Munzell Milluns) #6



UH will destroy them.

Just win baby!

(Munzell Milluns) #8

Shaggy had a philosophical observation that with every increase in our success our grievances expand with it…i.e. we started the season worried if we would be ranked. Now that we’re 22-1 we’re worried the committee is trying intentionally keep us from a 2-seed.

With that in mind let me qualify my prediction by saying I will be ecstatic if we win by 1 therefore I am predicting it to keep from blowing up the referees after the game.


I feel like this conversation should definitely be steered back to chili cheese spaghetti. And we should not forget WKRP. The other claim to fame.

(Dan) #10

72-60 Coogs

(Munzell Milluns) #11

Chili spaghetti is an egregious embarrassment to our species.

(Ben) #12

Most interesting and also the funniest person on WKRP was Loni Anderson . . . . . She was funny standing still while keeping her mouth shut . . . . .

(Patrick) #13

Coogs 62-45. Defense just swarms all over Cincy and they can’t handle it.

(Dan) #14

Patrick with the optimism. Could happen. FC will be a hornet’s nest.

(Tom Green) #15

Coogs win 68-63


Meh. 5 pts x2

UH- 72
Cincy - 62


That is the first time I ever read something about Loni Anderson that concentrated on her comedic abilities ( which may have been great).

I would gather that most male folk concentrated on an other asset (actually two of them).


it is an insult to both Italian and Southwest cuisines

(Ben B) #19

It’s not chili. It’s spaghetti w meat sauce.

(Tom Green) #20

Mehhhhh back at you.