Cincy firing Brannen

The second time around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re talking Georgia Tech at the Milwaukee regional?

I wouldn’t categorize Cronin’s departure from UC as a force out, unlike Huggins. It was more along the lines of Cronin being disenchanted with his impression that basketball was taking a back seat to football. Large expenditures were made to make and keep football as the driver within the department. It’s no secret that UC want to get out of the AAC and into a P5 conference at the next realignment. Good basketball is a great plus, but football is the money-maker, as far as the networks and major conferences are concerned.

Mick was lobbying for upgrades to facilities, some of which were realized when 5th/3rd Arena was gutted and brought into line with the best buildings in D1. Still, UC has been known as a basketball school (tenth in wins nationally), while, until the past twelve years or so, football was a drain on the economics. A basketball season ticket holder had to buy football tickets.

Four years ago, he flirted with UNLV, whose AD and prez were convinced was a done deal. He backed out, but still looked outwards. Part of that is the situation above, but not the whole story. Cronin loves Vegas and spends a lot of time there. He has owned race horses in California (which may have roots in his time with Rick Pitino, who also owns race horses). When the Bruins job came open, he made no attempt to hide his desire for the job. UCLA had a ton of interest in big-name targets, but none wanted the job. They “settled” for Cronin. Nice settling.


UH didn’t fire Foster but they didn’t try and talk him out of leaving when he got the offer from Nevada either.

I remember Cronin was mentioned for the UH job during one of the hires during the Clyde McBrooks years. I thought he was a good candidate, but it made too much sense to hire him at the time so of course they didn’t do it.

Remind us why Huggins was forced out?

The UC administration, led by President Nancy Zimpher, were upset by the low grad rates and player arrests under Huggins. The straw that broke Huggs’ back was his arrest for DUI that was captured by the cop’s body cam and aired on all of the local TV news shows that night. He vomited all over the side of his car. There also were unsubstantiated reports that sitting in the passenger seat was the wife of a UC trustee.

Zimpher gave instructions that Huggins was not to have his revolving contract continue and banned him from recruiting. They came to a financial agreement and he left.


Oh. That does ring a bell. I mean everything but the vomit and the mistress. Stressful city…Cincinnati.

Thanks for taking the time to explain that. I wish more fans would come over and give insight about their schools. Interesting stuff.

Sounds like the best made for tv movie i never watched. Lifetime for men channel.


Copy editor failed me again!

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After reading these posts I’m convinced I have been living in a bubble :sunglasses:


They need to hurry up and get this done. Need to start righting the roster ship.


Wow. What is going on in Cincinnati

SC just released a 2 year extension for Martin. He’s now out of play. Cinci might be in for some barroom toilet times. Not gonna be pretty.

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I guess Fickell is gone. Sooner rather than later.


this is likely his last season at UC


AD going for the burn it to the ground approach, it’s a bold strategy let’s see if it pays off.


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