Cincy in Trouble - end up winning

(Alfred Matthews) #1

Down by double digits to Memphis

(Marcus) #2

42-29 at the half. Wow.

(sphinx drummond) #3

Sweet. Memphis is playing their asses off.

(Russel ) #4

Memphis better be ready to weather the storm…have a feeling cinci will come out strong in the second half.

(Patrick) #5

Cincy getting caught looking ahead.

(Alfred Matthews) #6

GG Cincy about to come back

(Patrick) #7

Cincy woke up

(Patrick) #8

Memphis has scored two points in 9:53 of the 2nd half. Got a friendly whistle to score 2 more. 21-4 in the 2nd half.

(Patrick) #9

This game felt a lot like our game in Cincy.

Cincy moves on. Now, does Tubby Smith get replaced by Penny.


Cincinnati essentially took the first half off, and then clubbed the heck out of Memphis in the 2nd half.

To state the obvious: Cincinnati has really good players and a really good coach, and they **will** do some damage in the NCAA tournament.

(Patrick) #11