Cincy vs UCF

Looks like Cincy is having major problems with the UCF defense and that speed offense just like we did.


Wow. Transitive property definitely doesn’t work in football. Memphis and UCF game was first one to 50 wins. Memphis/ Cinci and the Tigers scored 1 touchdown. You’d think Cinci would have come out the gate swinging.

Once UCF started to slow it down, they have bogged down, but still lead 14-3. I don’t know why they got away from the fast pace, unless their D was getting tired.

I think cinci has adjusted to the ucf defense now…gashing them for big yards…

Outstanding play on the two point conversion.

2nd quarter is far too early to go for a 2 point conversion. Poor coaching decision.

Now, Cindy leads UCF by just 2 points at the half.

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My guess, the better team will rise to the top and UC will win.

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Very entertaining game!


By far the 2 best teams in the AAC.


UCF defense is similar to BYU…only slightly better. BYU offense was better than Cincy and UCF.

Surprised by that score by UCF. You can feel the big Mo change.

And Cincy just took the lead

Nice job by UC.

The UCF D is far better than their rank.

These 2 teams will be sore this week. The loser more so.


Cincy already driving again.

Would love ti see them stick it in the EDZ again.

Run it outside faking it inside.

I did not like that formation out of the huddle

Huge 1st down with 4th and 1. Burn the clock.

Cincy draining the clock. Incredible coaching and discipline by Fickell


Agree, he looks so calm. More like a surgeon than a football coach.

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Another TD by Cincy.

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