CKS on 790 with the PGS

Coach Sampson made it on with the PGS yesterday, here’s the link to the entire show - CKS is on starting at 1:58.31

  • Talks about Chicken; jokes that he’s been around since Phi Slama Jama and that they may need to get him a suit after the season to let him become an ambassador for the athletic department.
  • Says that Chicken’s had a badly sprained ankle and probably shouldn’t have played vs Tulsa. Week off has helped him, but also helped let them focus on getting Devin Davis integrated more
  • Says that Dotson and Gray have to play well vs. SMU to have a chance to win
  • Says that Dotson’s resurgence lately has been due to him just letting loose and letting it fly. Switching defenses allow Dotson to get isolated on weaker defenders and he can take them 1 on 1.
  • Highlights Galen Robinson’s contributions as unsung; his impact doesn’t show up in the boxscore
  • Talks about the stakes of the SMU game: SMU trying to win conference while UH is trying to muddy the waters. When he took this position, these are the games that he expected to have, games that matter
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