Class of 2021 offers

3* WR Jack Bech from Lafayette, LA - Ofers from Louisiana and Louisiana Tech

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CB DeMarco Roberts from Aledo - Holds an offer from Illinois State.

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S Dalton Johnson from Katy - Has an offer from Virgina Tech

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I really like henigan’s film! Great arm, and he feels like a CDH kind of QB.

I think we should be looking at Trevor Woods before other schools are. Vype called him the best defensive player left in the playoffs before this weekend.

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From the same JUCO as Dell.

Notable offers: Tennessee, Arkansas, and Iowa State.

Also from the same JUCO as Dell.

Has a ton of really good offers.

I see all of these offers and wonder who among them are actually considering UH and who are just racking up offers to stroke their egos. Let’s face it, if we are against Alabama or LSU and they really want the kid, we really don’t have a chance unless they have a situation like Ed Oliver who’s dad made him play with his brother.

The two guys above went to JUCO with one of our current EE’s, Nathaniel Dell; there is a possibility that they are close friends and want to keep playing together. The rest is on the coaches to do their best. I don’t sweat it too much.

The reason that UH FB fans shouldn’t focus too much attention on offers is…

(i) An offer is just an offer;
(ii) A commitment is just a commitment;
(iii) Signing an LOI is just signing an LOI;
(iv) Showing up on campus is just showing up on campus;
(v) Attending classes & FB practices at UH is just that;
(vi) Finally, actually playing in a game at UH is when it all becomes “real”

[Recent reminder - Alabama transfer LB Anomi made it through the first five (5) steps listed above but will not ever play in a game at UH.]


Originally committed to UH in December 2018 but had to take the juco route.


Not having Anomi and King on this year’s team has definitely put expectations for me two notches below

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3 star from Arkansas

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Ohhh… This is big since he’s a QB

Not impressed with the offers he has received. I dont want Coogs competing with the La.Monroe, N. Texas of the World for recruits. Need to step it up a notch CDH!!

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Have we offered any 4 stars?

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