Clay Helton gets canned (maybe not)

According to Twitter.

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From the comments on that tweet.

USC ranked #76 w early signing day coming soon?

Makes sense to let him go now in a lost recruiting year.

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With all the kids being told by other coaches and sportscasters that Clay is out, or soon to be out, they aren’t going to commit unless they are assured he will be there when they get there.

Can he coach defense?

Thamel acting as another coach’s attorney.


I remember watching a bunch of USC football in the mid-00s, never would have figured they’d become such a dysfunctional mess. Are they de-emphasizing athletics as a school or something?

So I’m confused is Clay out?

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Please respect their choice: they have chosen to identify as a mediocre football program now. It is their choice…



The LA area is NO LONGER the mecca for star recruits any longer …

1/3 of the LA mountain area is suffering from wild fires during the late spring and summer … during the fall and winter its mud slides and heavy rains …

UCLA and USC and the rest of the Pac12 could count on TOP recruits from the LA area … now they are fortunate that anyone is left and those that are will be destined for the poor sisters colleges

I doubt seriously if Clay will have ANY PROBLEMS finding work ELSEWHERE if USC is dumb enough to let him go …

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This morning Sean Salisbury said this was Clay’s finest year of coaching. If you get your team to play it’s best, that’s a good job of coaching, regardless of whether you win or lose.


This is from the OC Register. Time of the article is 6:16 p.m. PST.

This is from the Trojan Daily Blog.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. Nobody expected him to survive this season. As a Coog I hope he is retained but the USC’s alum and fan base wants him gone.

Helton’s job about to get a lot harder if Texas steals Graham Harrell. Either way, Harrell about to get paid for saving Helton’s job.

Looks like I jumped the gun, based on what I saw today!

My apologies!

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I am very happy for Clayton. On the other hand the die hard USC fans are up in arms. Did Meyer change his mind about Coaching again or other reasons? We won’t know. Money is not an issue with USC. The next few weeks are going to be interesting.

Clay survives!

A rare snippet of patience.

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Or will they fire him after signing day?

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