Clay Jennings gonzo

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Joining Kliff and Gibbs at Tortilla Tech.

From Football Scoop:

Texas Tech: Houston co-defensive coordinator / defensive backs Clay Jennings is joining the Texas Tech staff coaching the defensive backs we are told. Jennings know the state of Texas well, having coached DBs at Houston, Texas, Arkansas, TCU, Baylor, Sam Houston and more….


Is he taking the 10 yard cushions with him? If so…thanks and good luck!




he was a bad recruiter almost every where he has been…including here…

hope the new coach doesn’t have us looking at the upside of d2 walk-ons and WR converts

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cya… wont lose sleep over it.

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Our opponents must have had the worst passing games in the NCAA since we gave up a 10 yard cushion every play yet allowed only 7 yards per pass attempt, had more INTs than TDs allowed and the QBs ranked 92nd against us including 95th in completion percentage. Especially with all the experience of our corners Williams, Johnson, Smith and Winchester having a total of 8 starts between them going into the season. Having a converted wide receiver start 5 games this year shows just how deep we were as well.


We needed 2 DB coaches - CB and S. Good decision to go a different direction.


but that means no special team coach…im fine with it, just an observation

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Please explain the second half of the Memphis game !

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A combination of Riley Ferguson and Anthony Miller being better than our corner backs maybe? I do know that we had 2 sacks, 5 tackles for a loss in the first half and 0 sacks, 2 tackles for a loss (1 being the final kneel down) in the second half.

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Just curious though. Do you guys know what percent of Riley’s passes were completed within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage in the second half?

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Exactly…so why did we change defensively in the second half !!!

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Why are you assuming it’s our defense that changed? Could easily be that Memphis made halftime adjustments to give Riley more time. Which left our inexperience defensive backs vulnerable. The result being 6 completions of 20 yards or more and two pass interference calls against the 9th highest rated passer in the country.


i get what you re trying to say but thats an excuse…you are making excuses for the db poor play, coached by him… the fact we are so inexperienced is his fault…it was his job to recruit.

they scored 42 points in 1 half…there is no excuse for that…our db play was very bad…but we were blessed to play in a league with a schedule that only made us play 2 good qbs (passing wise)…

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Jennings was hired by Apple…Washington and Naviar coached DBs under Herman…
I do think he did an incredibly poor job, as did OL coach Scelfo…we figure to be a much better coached team next fall, if Apple gets us some good DB coaches…


thanks for the correction

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Nope. This was his first year here. He had no recruits on the team.

Not all against the defense. Need to work on your facts.


What I suggest to anyone interested is to watch it again. It’s very easy to say “we changed, why””. As fans we watch the ball and if a receiver catches ball with room it’s “soft zone” etc. Not always case.
Imo Memphis changed.
Ferguson threw into coverage in 2nd half . They couldn’t afford to have time consuming drives being down 17 and knowing UH would score more.
The KO return was huge…7 points and no time used.

Terrell Williams is bad with all in air. He and Myers both got beAt deep in Cover 3 by a 1 WR route to boundary side. TW called for face mask at end play as well.
Myers got beat by a stutter move…pass interference at goaline…caught up but never turned around. Jumped in WR chest.
K Williams pass int on 3rd down first drive 2nd half. No reason for it. Never looked for ball which was thrown low and would never be caught. Johnson was called for holding on same play
We had A dropped int in end zone. Game changer
Khalil also dropped a int on last drive on sideline…wasn’t easy one but hit him in chest.
Ferguson avoided being sacked for losses of 12 and 15 yards. UH rushed 5 most of time. Played man, man under Cover 2, Cover 3. Showed traditional Cover 2 at snap and dropped Davis as Robber while Winchester showed man and then dropped to safety spot. It was not vanilla. On the last drive, they attacked Austin Robinson with TE for winning TD. He missed jam and got beat. It was his first game stariting for Adams.

Did anyone think we would shut them out ? I knew points were coming in 2nd half…was hoping 21 the most.
They had 700 yards vs UCF and 48 in regulation in AAC champ game. First time they played, Memphis scores 14. Why didn’t they shut them down again?

If UH had given up a TD every other drive for entire game and gave up 35, most would have said D played well.
The fact that it came all in 2nd half makes it look worse. I get it.
2016…Memphis scores on all 6 1st half drives…34 points. 2nd half UH shuts them down for entire 3rd quarter and half of 4th…they then scored 2 TDS in last 7 mins.
Bottom line…they had a really good offense last 2 years.


he was still here in december last year…he had last years recruiting cycle and this years recruiting cycle…under his watch we were out-recruited for cbs by la tech and utsa…

and is 35 in a half that much better??
we played 2 good passing teams all season, we lost to both