Coach Applewhite Speaks

This video should quiet all of the naysayers. CMA is smarter than we give him credit for.

Plus keep in mind…I know everyone hates Herman…but CTH was very smart…and knew to surround himself with smart people. I think we are going to benefit from one of the smart minds CTH brought in. And I just get this feeling that CMA wants to be here to build something.


I think most people are underwhelmed by Major because he is low key and not the carnival barker that CTH is…I think most coaches are like Major and less like CTH. I think most people would get tired of CTH bombastic rhetoric. When CTH was new it was refreshing, but I believe over time, it is going to wear thin. Time will tell, but I personally think Major will be great.


Well, we did get tired of cth whoring himself continously, and only after a year and a half…

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thats why he renews his contract every two years.

F Judas!

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Number 1 criteria is excited to be here. I bet there a ton of people on Coog message boards that would be more excited than anyone on the staff to coach UH especially for a 6 figure salary

I’m one of them. I am a youth sports coach as well,so I know how to work with the young folks. I also have ties to local HS coaches and an eye for talent. Sign me up coach!

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