Coach Herman to UT ?!

It is gold. If JD doesn’t post it I don’t believe it. But that won’t stop rumors driven by people’s needs for attention to compensate for feelings of inadequacy.



saying Texas hasnt contacted CTH is Meaningless. They ARENT going to contact anyone till season ends and Charlie is fired. Duarte hinted in periscope Hermans agent may have been contacted by a “third party” all we can do is wait…

I have seen two separate websites and no doubt more will follow stating CTH is gone and the Texas job a done deal … the writers having no definite proof


What I suspect here is the ole sharks sensing blood in the water …

Navy loss … losing to a chumpy SMU team badly … barely getting by Tulsa at the 1/2 yard line … in fighting in the locker room … BXII expansion down the commode … the team too tired to play I still cannot stomach as a factor … but I believe morale more the physical endurance has taken a BIG HIT.

We started out well and suddenly its like we hit an iceberg and are sinking faster than the Titanic.


Interesting a Home Boy from Colorado-

Tom Herman stock took a nosedive. UH didn’t just get beat by SMU, they got blown out and embarrassed. Lost to Navy. Down 21-3 at halftime versus a mediocre UCF team. Fighting in the locker room. The team has regressed from last season and even from the beginning of the season. UH is currently 3rd in their division and 5th in the AAC.

UT plays Tech on the road this weekend. If they win, there is a good chance they win out. If that happens, Charlie is going nowhere. If things go south, there will be an expansive search for a new head coach. Herman is no longer seen as the slam dunk he once was.

I now believe that if Charlie beats Tech, then UT will wait until the season finale to make a decision.

The way things are going, however, Tech will probably blow UT out and Strong will be fired (officially or unofficially) on the flight home.

The body of work for Herman should still have any school clamoring for his services. Overall he is 20-3 at Houston. The wins against UCF and Tulsa were character wins and proof that his guys play hard. Yes, there has been some adversity this year, but did one really think we would go two full seasons and not have to face adversity. If the overall body of work is taken into account, than it would be silly to assume he would still not be a hot coaching prospect. So maybe his stock did take a slight nosedive, but if so that is on the AD’s not being very smart. From attendance improving, to the recruiting, to the facility upgrades, to the overall program attitude, Herman has proven that he does many things big time programs are looking for well. I am one of the few who thinks firing Strong would not be smart. The offense is good and with the right DC, I think they are better off keeping him than starting over again. I of course hope Herman ends up back here next year. So maybe to your point his stock has dropped, but if so I think that is foolishness on the part of the AD’s.

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If Tom Herman leaves, I wonder how recruiting will be with a new coach on the helm. I love his coaching, but I believe bringing in better talent than even Briles or Sumlin has help with UH’s success. Coach Herman has brought in P5 talent. The depth is almost there as in next year there. That is why I hope coach Herman stays a little longer at UH.

As for much heat coach Tony Levine gets, he at least gave us Greg Ward.


#Amen to that kfd91

Levine recruited-

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