College FB Live: Big 10 & SEC

(G.W.) #1

Watching these shows is painful.
The four talking heads commented that the Big 10 and SEC are the BEST conferences and one of them could get two Playoff spots.
They remarked how they play tough D and Smashmouth Football.
Well, to me it just LOOKS like they play tough D because NOBODY in these conferences has a lick of offensive creativity.
So Ohio State plays OU and gets the crap beat out of them. But it’s early in the season. What?!!
Outside of Alabama the SEC is not that good. Troy…TROY…took LSU to the woodshed in their own house. Arky has been getting baby seal clubbed. And Bama had issues with A&Ms potent offense (is it that potent.).
It reminds me of UH playing PSU in the Ticket City Bowl. PSU had the number 5 D, and number 1 versus the run. We beat the living poo out of them. Keenum had 300 yards passing…IN THE FIRST HALF.
Georgia will do its yearly fold. It’s their thing.
Heck, you don’t even have to win your division to get into the CFP…just have a name and a rabid fanbase.
SEC and Big 10 are always over rated and boring.

(Patrick) #2

These shows are ratings grabs. They talk about the B1G and SEC because those are the big fan bases that watch the shows. It’s all about the ratings.