Commits HS Playoffs

Tramon Mark and Dickinson vs Atascocita on Tuesday night 6pm at Delmar.

Jamal Shead and Manor vs Huntsville Tuesday night 7pm at Bryan HS.

If they both win, they are both playing in Houston on Friday night.

Shead would play 6pm Friday at Campbell center. Mark would play 6pm Friday at Berry Center.

Manor should win. Dickinson/Atascocita is a 50/50 game to me.

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Also @7:30 pm Tues night Hightower vs Crosby at Delmar. 2022 PG offers Bryce Griggs vs PJ Haggerty in that game.

How about Kiyron Powell ??! He’s been a monster in his last two games. Given the opportunity the kid can deliver and score. May be better than what we all thought.

All 3 HS kids for 2020 have been having a great senior year.

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I think we have a legit shot at Briggs in 2022.

Yea sounds like he was at the game yesterday & I know he goes to practices sometimes. The big question is when the blue bloods start showing up can they keep him home.

Yes, but we have the Harden connection. That’s why I have hope.

Griggs is running with Houston Hoops this spring so hopefully the connection is still tight.

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A kid that good as a soph will probably be a one and done. If he does as well in college, I’m pretty sure he won’t be staying long enough to graduate. The reason I mention this is because it’s all about basketball and not the educational aspects. So when schools like Duke, and some of the other colleges tout their higher academic rankings, it should not be a major concern.

On the other hand, UH is right here where his family can go to the games – never underestimate the draw of having one’s mother watch in person. The AAC is developing into a good basketball conference and as we grow more formidable, we should be able to get better OOC games. The good teams are more willing to play other quad 1 teams.

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Let’s keep our fingers crossed the AAC can get 4 teams to the dance and without the expense of beating our Coogs


I think maybe watching the Coogs play helps motivate our recruits to play harder in HS. They see Nate swimming on the floor after a loose ball and probably think, “Man, I need to step up my hustle if I want to play for UH!”

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We definitely need an insider that can get some recruiting info. Who they are prioritizing for 2021 has been radio silent.

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I know with all the terrific HS centers like the Merrill Center in Katy, the Campbells Center and the one in Cy Fair that there is less reason to use collegiate facilities but is there still an opportunity for them to play games at the Fertitta Center?

I think that’s back on the table after this weekend we have several 20+ win teams. Not all of those will get it in but that number is hard to ignore in a conference already growing in respect. This is just one opinion but unfortunately Lunardi keeps kicking an AAC team out when he puts a new one in so he’s steady at 3.

There will be at least 2 20+ win teams fighting for their tournament lives in Fort Worth.

Kansas is more than interested and I am sure there will be more…Texas Tech is in the early picture and his deceased dad always wanted him to play for Duke…should be interesting…

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Correct I have seen Texas Tech lead recruiter at a few of his games and during AAU season I’m sure a lot of the others will start offering since he will be in the EYBL this year.

there is a web site called “Maxpreps” that has live updates to the Dickinson v. Atascosita game but I can not find the Manor game on that site - does anyone know if that is available? oh yeah - it says Dickinson leads 33-31 in the 3rd quarter. Now 4th qtr. Dickinson leads 60-45.

Here is link to the Manor Huntsville score…

Torn on this one. I want Shead to destroy…but Huntsville is my alma mater.

I suppose I’ll be happy either way.

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thanks for update - Tramon Mark’s team cruised to a 26 point win - 75-49

Not sure how often they update that page…seems stuck on 16-15.

I also checked a couple of times - no change - my guess is they update at end of quarters

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