Conference Games

The Good:

UH beats Rice
Cinncy beats UCLA
USF beats Elon
Tulsa beats Central Ark
Memphis beats Mercer

The Bad:

Temple loses to Villanova
Tulane a gut punch from Wake Forrest
SMU taken to the woodshed by UNT

The indifferent:

UCF beats UConn

Navy can beat Hawaii…

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Looking forward to watching Zona and Navy tonight…if I can stay up that late. I’ve been watching football non-stop since 11am. This day has been heaven on earth!


Props to Cincy for taking down the Chip Kelly hype machine in Cali.

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Expecting Zona offense to be a bit like our debut. A little slow for 1.5 quarters to a half and then rolling the second half.

You are correct so far.

Navy is getting wrecked!! 27…0 :scream:

Man the AACs gotta stay out of Hawaii. It is obviously MWC territory out there.

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i wonder why a college athlete can’t make money from music sales. are they worried boosters will pay off athletes by buying multiple copies?

Definitely wasn’t correct the second half. Arizona is getting dominated on both sides of the ball. UH is going to be favored next week.

Haha Announcers in Arizona game talking about the high (19%) humidity. What? If Sumlin doesn’t have his team ready for 95 degree 19% humidity at night. How will they do in 88 degree 75% humidity?

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