Congrats Temple or Congrats Refs...?

(David) #21

Only technical I have witnessed that was worse was when Penders was given one when he passed out on the sideline and had to receive medical attention.

My nomination for 2nd place on horrible calls tonight was the delayed call on Brady when he blocked the shot, got the ball, pivoted and had the ball slapped at before the whistle. I figured it was a cheap call on Temple for the reach. That was in the middle of a very hot streak for the Coogs IIRC.

Temple did enough to win. They are no slouch. Just hoping for a cleaner game from the refs.

(CoogDentist) #22

Do you really believe that a call like this would have ever been made if temple was going for a tie.

(Drew) #23

No, I seriously doubt it. Most likely the ref swallows the whistle.

It’s pretty common to see guys get clobbered with no calls at the end of a game. There wasn’t much contact, and Davis was trying to get around him so it should’ve been a play-on like the way most games go down at the end.

(Jimmy Morris) #24

You can check out the screen shots I put on the game day thread. He was several inches outside of the restricted area.

(Jimmy Morris) #25

if it was in FC, yes and we would have defended the call. The tie tech and the offensive call on Davis earlier were the major ones.

(Jimmy Morris) #26

Temple coach had a great game plan and his players had a great game. Hopefully they finish undefeated at home instead of having a let down and we get revenge on then in the 31st with a double digit victory.

(CoogDentist) #27

We would have not got that call at FC. the refs there are just as bias.

(Jimmy Morris) #28

We play defense hard. We deserve a majority of the calls we get including all the reach ins by Brady, Gresham and White after misses. It’s purely speculative what would have happened in FC so we can just agree to disagree.

(G.W.) #29

He was kind of tip-toeing, but went out beyond the restricted area. Usually if you are on tip toes going up you get the blocking foul.

Temple got half their points on the line…last count was 23 for 26.

(Kyle) #31

One play sticks out in ny mind where Davis was driving and he did a euro step around their F/C and was called for what I think was a charge. Anyone know what play I’m referencing? The same ref who T’ed up CKS made this call. At one point during a dead ball it looked like he was over by our bench intentionally trying to bait CKS into a second T.

(Munzell Milluns) #32

They have to play “The H” again.

Things will hopefully be different.


We lost our first game…so what? It was probably best because we weren’t going undefeated for the season. We’re a good team, but not that good. At least now, the loss removes a lot of pressure.

What happen? We were fortunate to play a lot of home games at The Fertitta Center and build up our W total and builds confidence.

Also, Temple is a good team at home and we needed to bring our A game. We didn’t.

Fouls happen. Tech fouls were avoidable. Charging foul at end of game was a good call.


I don’t know how legit the charge call was.

Davis went around him. There was contact, but it was minimal.

It wasn’t a block. But in that situation, many crews would let the kids play.


True but the tech Coach removing his tie was just silly. He does that every game. I thought the Refs were biased in what they didn’t call as much as in what they did.


Call yes, time of the call I agree with you. Home cooking. Although it doesn’t seem we’ve gotten our share of home cooking so far.


I finally noticed, I guess my only other complaint was that his feet were barely set. I don’t think refs should make that call with it being that close, and that late. Yes, we had poor shooting stretches during this game but none of them impacted the game like that suspect whistle in the final seconds, especially if his feet were still shuffling when the drive started.

(Jimmy Morris) #38


There was no shuffling. His feet were clearly set as long as any charge that has ever been called.


We’re not going agree on this one. That’s a still frame, of course his feet appear set! lol

But let me ask you this(just by looking a the photo), how many charges are called when the defender’s momentum is going backwards? He’s not standing straight up like with most calls. He’s either falling backwards or still moving. That being said, no impartial ref would call a charge when the defender’s momentum is going backwards or isn’t still(set). It was ticky-tacky and should have been a blocking foul.

Again, look at his legs and how they are positioned.

(Randy Randel) #40

He was falling backwards before Corey made contact with him. To me it was a no-call at that point in the game.

(Jimmy Morris) #41

i took a screen shot. It’s on espn. It’s a screen shot of when he set his feet. Here you go. That was clearly before Davis left the floor. This is after Davis launched. Feet in the same spot. OK?