Coog Fans Gathering at Los Tios


NEXT GATHERING OF COUGAR FAITHFUL is NEXT Sunday, Aug 12 at Los Tios, 9527 Westheimer at Tanglewilde. Just east of Gessner X Westheimer. 6 - 9 PM. Stay tuned. More to come


Great spot. Owned by a great Coog, Gary Adair. He does a lot for UH

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Always liked Los Tios.

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3 Golden Tacos

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The manager is Paul Estrada, also a great Coog Fan. My wife and I dropped in late one Friday night for dinner. Of course first thing I do is order a cold beer. They served it in a glass with a UH logo. Kinda struck me so I took a picture of it and posted it on Twitter. The damn thing had 17,000 impressions in a week. So I decided we would hold a gathering at the restaurant to honor Paul. We had a dozen people turn out from Coogilluminati but it turned into a great little party. Some of the other patrons even cheered for us.


Awesome post.

OK Coog Fans, listen up!

Just got off the phone with Torrin Polk. He’s lined up several Coogs and former players who WANT to meet with us Sunday, Aug 12 (yep, that’s THIS COMING SUNDAY!! )

NEXT GATHERING is NEXT Sunday, Aug 12 at Los Tios, 9527 Westheimer at Tanglewilde. Just east of Gessner X Westheimer. 6 - 9 PM.

Joining us will be former Coogs:

  • Kimble Anders
    -Chuck “Spoon” Witherspoon
    -Craig Alexander
    -Sherman Smith

These are former players who want to connect with our fans, so I hope you can join us.


I know the NCAA has some pretty strict rules about players signing autographs, he won’t get in trouble over signing these will he?

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Interesting read from a few years back:

Thank you, this does clear it up for me.

We’re working on that. Should have it all arranged. If not then it’s just meet and greet. Don’t want to do anything to spoil his status.

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In talking with the Director of Compliance at UH he made it clear that getting autographs in and of itself is not a problem. The problem is with so-called fans to then put autographed material on the internet to sell. So, we’re not making a big deal of autographs. None of the people in our group would do that anyway.

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Well, change 22. The Director of Compliance initially agreed to have D’Eriq King join us. He was coming with his Dad. But he emailed me back to inform me he had changed his mind and was rescinding his consent. Basically he shared that "only UH can promote the appearance of one of its student-athlete (sic). As soon as possible, please remove D’Eriq King’s name from the special guests in your pinned tweet and any other reference in social media. . . " It’s quite lengthy and runs on, but you get the gist of it. So D’Eriq will not be attending. Please note, this is not an NCAA compliance issue. This is more of a “copyright” issue where UH asserts its right to control such things as publicity for athletes. Wish he had told me that in the first place. Only way I can read it.

Our former UH athletes who have agreed to attend include:

-Chuck Witherspoon
-Kimble Anders
-Craig Alexander
-Sherman Smith

These former UH athletes are excited to connect to our fan base and look forward to meeting with you. Please join us Sunday, 6-9 (drop in times) at Los Tios, 9527 Westheimer at Tanglewilde - East of the intersection of Gessner and Westheimer.

Sorry to hear about the change in UH’s position but appreciate what you are trying to do. I hope this is a big success.

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That was a lot of fun, thanks for the invitation!


Luke, great to meet you and best of luck on your new venture. Didn’t mean to just jump up and leave you guys. I was enjoying the conversation. I got up to greet Torrin and the guys he was bringing to the party and kinda got captured. Spent most of the evening visiting with Chuck Witherspoon and with D’Eriq’s Dad. Really interesting people - both of them. We’re talking about doing a watch party for our next gathering. I’ll keep everyone posted.


Patrick, many thanks for posting.

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Sorry I was not able to attend. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Keep us updated. Would like to try and make the next gathering.

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