Coogfans... Prepare for headlines

Probably for a separate thread but Taggart is under contract through the 2023 season (6 years) at $5M per year. If he is fired, FSU pays him 85% of the remaining contract. 8-9 in his first 17 games. FSU might be stuck with him for another season or two.

I really don’t get where the people that say Dana is just here to cash a fat check are seeing this, he looks to be coaching pretty damn intently every game I’ve watched or attended. He is trying to build a long term foundation for our program as well. Neither of these things qualify him as just bring here to cash a fat check … give me a break


People are just engaged in hyperbole to mask their frustration. Its bad hyperbole but thats what’s going on.

I say that because there’s no evidence of it.


With the staff he’s brought in there is evidence that he wants to win. There is absolutely zero evidence he’s here to cash a check. Our fans need to stop listening to WVU fans ;they’re pretty ticked they lost their coach and just use that false narrative to devalue CDH so they can sleep at night.


This situation was briefly mentioned on Gameday. They didn’t harp on it too much, and mentioned per a senior member on the team, Holgorsen has NOT lost the team.


Naturally the Crapicle jumped on this. If the player had been at uTa or AtM not a word would have been written.


wow…couldn’t happen to a better school

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The kid is a drama queen. Everyday problems. Deal with it dude.


I don’t know a single WVU fan that I regularly interact with that is upset about losing Dana and I say that in all honesty. That’s not a shot at Dana, he had just run his course at WVU and left without burning bridges or trashing the school so there isn’t a lot of ill will.

Do some Walmart fans bash him on our free message boards? That i don’t know but I could see that happening. Fans bash former coaches, its just how it is. You guys do it with Applewhite so I’m sure our message board fans do it too.

That doesnt mean they dont exist outside of the people you know.

I never said they didnt. I said to ignore them because they’re weird individuals to be taking advice from. Also, did you mean Herman? Applewhite was fired and both Holgorsen and Herman left their respective schools.

Point I was trying to make was that there are some butt hurt fans that devalued CDH’s coaching abilities BECAUSE he left. We may bash the kisser of players in Austin but nearly no one here on the boards or in person say Herman is a bad coach because he left, let alone a bad coach at all. We understand that much. A lot of WVU fans do NOT feel/behave the same way with Holgorsen.

Thanks Justin for being a good scientific experiment for endoscopic knee surgery and the modern technology associated with this condition…it goes to show that our modern scientists are still lost for getting it right…but cost are getting higher… we all know that football injuries made up much of your football career and many fresh new recruits were looked over because that position slot was filled by yours truly…sorry you feel like you are owed the slight feedback from Coach H…but let’s see if you can be a better student now that you have more time on your hands and I hope you take good care of your knees because as you get older those troubles are known to show their ugly gears especially if you go down the wrong roads in life…do all you can do to get your cartilage to repair the scar tissue and by your life changes you will have that opportunity… make good life style discussions Justin…, God Bless… Justin don’t let the world tell you that you cannot grow new cartridges…you can do all things through Jesus Christ!!!..

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My own experience (I live in West Virginia, and edit a website run almost entirely by West Virginians where sports comes up a lot) is that some wanted him gone and others didn’t want him gone but nobody was mad about losing him. As they’ve struggled this season there has been some anger at him at the shape that he left the program in and some of the ones who didn’t want him gone seem glad he is now. My brother, who comes up here for games every other year, has reported similar (though I think more of the fans he’s talked to didn’t like him much to begin with, which he reported prior to DH leaving).

tl;dr I think WVUFan10 is on the up-and-up here.

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I guess we’ve all had different encounters with WVU fans. Not sure about blaming him for the state of their program; they’re situated in Morgantown, playing big 12 teams;they will forever be punching above their weight class.

All fans say the former coach left them in a lurch talent-wise…or that they took the best recruits with them. Briles-Griffin would be some evidence. But, for the most part, kids want to play for a staff, not really a school. So, really, it’s the kids that either follow the coach or bail to another school.

Almost no one wants to invest their precious 4-5 years in a turnaround project or an experiment. That’s why it’s so tough at Houston. Every fourth class or so we have a rough recruiting year. I think it’s the coaches third year when he picks up the best class. There may be data to argue against that though.

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Dana isn’t a lovable guy. He is a very smart football coach. If somebody wants warm fuzzies, go see Mack Brown.


For fuzzies see the UT coach.

No, he gives wet willies


He gives excuses.

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This is a NON STORY !!!

from a much traveled whiny young man.


Naw, we knew to keep our “Dirty Laundry” out of people business. BTW, I never bought in to Facebook, or MySpace…here is perfect example why.

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