Coogs at Shriners College Classic TCU (L 10-6)


Coogs use to be competitive in this tournament until the last four or five years.

(Patrick) #22

Triolo homer to lead off the 7th makes it 6-1

(Patrick) #23

It’s strange because we went to Corpus a few years ago and won 3 of 4 and we’re usually good in any series. Just when the team gets into Minute Maid that suddenly they look like crap.


The only word I can think of is “lethargy”…bats on shoulders with two strikes, nonchalant throws to second base with a runner stealing, an easy run down out and an errant throw…what a strange game. Heck, Coogfans didn’t even bother to establish a thread for this game…or are we still in “preview”? LOL. Go Coogs! Maybe playing in an empty cavern affects the play?


I think we will do good this season anyhow, but this game is kind of depressing…


Very disappointed with the Coogs performance today as TCU is not an elite team this year. If we get swept again this year in the college classic, Coogs shouldn’t sign up for this tournament anymore and play in other tournaments. Minute Maid has not been friendly to the Coogs these last few years.


Next year we are playing in Round Rock Classic. Think it is replacing this tournament but not positive. Hopefully the change will do us good.

(Tom Green) #28

TCU is still Top20 team this year which is higher than Coogs of course. May not be Top10 elite like they’ve been last few yrs but still very good program. Btw TCU SP today is an All-American. That being said I feel Coogs will have an up/down year. Without a top notch starter for Friday or Saturday, going to be tough to win series against top opponents in Conf play. I hope I’m wrong but sometimes we have to look at reality with the situation.


Kind of sad really…it should be a “home” game, right? The players just don’t seem into it…Lethargy.


I’m glad the Coogs football team did not play like that against OU at NRG stadium a couple of years back. Hopefully, UH football will repeat their effort against Washington come September. Baseball has two more games in this series, maybe they will come ready to play the next two games. They look pretty awful so far: definitely not ready!


We don’t have the pitching to win much this year, I don’t know if Whitting can get it done here, I have my doubts and we just extended him


Sure the pitching…but the bats?


Many times the batters with 2 strikes look like deer as the third strike barrels down the plate…no swing…3 strikes you are out…


Oh well…the mighty Casey almost did it. Go Coogs!

(Trent) #35

Once again, the bullpen wall taketh, and the bullpen wall giveth away.


Too bad it happened in the 9th, not in the 1st…the 2nd…the 3rd…etc. Hopefully they will come to play tomorrow for all 9+ innings.

(Patrick) #37

Usually, the preview thread is also the thread for Game 1. Didn’t get to post much today because I was all over the place (also why I couldn’t make the game today). Barely got to listen to the game, but I did catch the 3rd/4th innings and tuned in a bit for Triolo’s homer.

I was going to get on in the 8th, but the Coogs started doing well and I didn’t want to jinx them at that point. Almost worked.

Hope they beat Texas State tomorrow.


I understand and I agree with you: I hope we beat Tx State tomorrow! Thanks for all you do Pray.


On a more positive note, I have really enjoyed the Shriner’s soft ads on TV showing how all the teams (especially the Coogs) have embraced the spirit of what the tournament stands for and how much they really enjoy being part of such a worthwhile cause.


Came close to crappin myself when Joe D hit that shot. Would’ve been a heckuva comeback.