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devd15 Everything that starts has an end. It’s just life. This team, the coaching staff, and program will always have a place in my heart. Many memories have been made and a strong bond with my brothers on this team has been built and will never be broken! I would go to war with you guys any day and everyday! One of the hardest things in the world is to have to walk away from my teammates because that’s my brotherhood. Of course I plan to stay in touch with everyone but lacing up and knowing everyday I can fight along side a group of guys as special as this team was will really be missed! Thank you Coach Sampson for believing in me and my family and bring me in as one of his own! Thank you to the fans that always stuck by our team and myself when times were hard and when they were great. This team will forever be LEGENDARY #GoCoogs

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Gene Green is proud of his cougars appearance in the NAACP.

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I freaking love this team!!! Hope none of those guys ever gets down on themselves and are able to realize how special they were and all they accomplished!