Coogs in New Orleans

(Gary Taylor) #1

Thanks for representing UH at the Tulane game. Looked like as many UH folks there as there were Green fans. Too bad we had such a terrible game effort by the coaches. Trust you had a great time in New Orleans other than at the game.


Major is doing his best to kill off all the excitement and enthusiasm from the Herman tenure. I watched the second half on TV and could hear the loud UH crowd. Nice job!


TV guys commented on our good crowd too.

(Jay C.) #4

I was there. At kickoff, the number of Coogs in the stands outnumbered the Tulane fans by my estimate around 3 to 1. As it became more apparent that Tulane would make a game of it, more and more Tulane folks showed up. Almost like they waited outside at their tailgate or at the bar until they heard it was actually competitive. By the 3rd quarter they had almost caught up.

P.S. they have instituted the most blatant money grab I believe I have seen at a college stadium. My buddy and I, along with our wives, bring nice stadium chairs each game, last Saturday being no different. They are well padded folding stadium seats with a metal frame. We were told that the metal frame stadium seats were not allowed inside, would have to be checked in at a booth outside the stadium and retrieved after the game. When we asked the reason for this, we were told that the metal seats were a “safety concern”, as if we would throw the seats on the field or something. Laughable, but gotta do what you gotta do. They informed us we could rent stadium seats once inside for the low low price of $20. Guess what the rental seats are made of? METAL.

(Mike Higdon) #5

Tulane fans never showed up enough to account for 25% of the attendance. I was there too.


We were there, 6 of us.
Tulane folks very hospitable.
Great city, weather great.
Football game, not so much.
Tulane players played hard, we were flat.
Clearly our coaches have to wake up, and realize these are college players, who need to be motivated.
Our talent level was clearly superior, not so much with our coaches.