Coogs in the Pros 2018


I’m sure Pray10 will be keeping us up to date on this, but thought I would get it started with some bad news. Hope Kenneth gets picked up somewhere else.

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Wow…surprised they waived him this early. Hope he catches on somewhere else.

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As you all know don’t be surprised if he gets re-signed later on with the Chargers in case he is not picked up. Let’s hope he gets picked up soon.

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Guess we won’t see Adams and Mbu play together :pensive:


Texans need to try to pick up Mbu; Christian Covington isn’t very good. And no, him going to Rice has nothing to do with it. lol


I would love to see Mbu here, but I disagree about Covington. He has been pretty good when he’s not injured.


I honestly like Covington, he just doesn’t have a high motor like Watkins to me. Ufomba is up to 295 and is 6-5. I wonder if he can play inside. I also forgot about DJ Reader. He plays hard as well.


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Former Houston WR Chance Allen signs with the Ottawa RedBlacks of the CFL

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Becoming a Coog reunion in Ottawa. Leone, Rogers, and Allen are all on that team now.

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Nick Thurman signed by the Texans:

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The Eagles have a crowded picture at wide receiver and we’ll see how all of that plays out. Ward took exactly zero time off after the Eagles won the Super Bowl and now he’s back at the NovaCare Complex working hard, trying to cut through the talented crowd. Having practiced every day for a season against the Eagles’ defensive backs paid off for Ward, who is prepared to make his push.

“I was right back at it after the season,” he said. “I didn’t play in any games, so it wasn’t like I needed to rest my body. The way I see it, I can’t get enough work in. I have so much to work on. I want to play. Last year was the first time I didn’t play and it was hard. I’m a competitor, but I was also humbled and thankful to be on a Super Bowl team. A lot of guys were home not playing. I’m going to be patient and I’m going to take advantage when it’s my time. The way I see it, now is my time. I have to take advantage of this time.”

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The Bombers announced they’ve signed defensive back Chris Humes and offensive lineman Na’Ty Rodgers. They also cut Canadian receiver Brett Blaszko and defensive back Earl Wolff.

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