Coogs in the Pros

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Great pic of two great Coogs. It’s going to be a tough battle for Dot to get minutes this year coming off injury. The Knicks added a lot of depth this year with the focus on RJ Barrett being the main 2 this yr. I really wish the Knicks would trade him to a spot where he would get considerable playing time. I will always have a grudge on Morey for passing on him in the draft. He would’ve been the perfect piece to replace Ariza.

In regards to Brooks, he has a contract with the Hawks, correct? So, if he does not make the first team, he would just go down to the G League team for PT?

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With the Knicks PGs (Dennis Smith Jr., Elfrid Payton and Frank Ntilikina) looking awful, RJ Barrett may have to play there at times.
This would be ideal for Dot to get some run at the 2.

Exhibit 10= non guaranteed, league minimum if he makes the team. Includes a bonus.($5k to $50k)

If he gets cut, Hawks can designate him an affiliate player to maintain his G League rights.
If he make it 60 days in the GLeague- he get the bonus.
Bit of incentive to keep him from going overseas.

Exhibit 10 can become a two-way contract if he plays well.
G League and no more than 45 days in the NBA.


Great info, thanks!