Coogs start the season with Alabama A&M - 2pm Saturday (W 101-54)

(Patrick) #41

That was an impressive sequence with the Alley swat, the Hinton save, and the alley. And then the Brooks 3 on the next possession.


I know this is Alabama A&M, but this team looks so in sync. Hinton has some refining to do, but the team is communicating really well for the first game of the season.

(Dan) #43

Another request to buy TSUs rims. Undefeated. Just saying.

(Patrick) #44

La Deeky with the sweet crossover. He’s gaining confidence now.

85-43 Coogs with 7:45 left

(Dan) #45

It should have been in the contract. If we go undefeated in your building we have the option to buy your baskets for a set amount. Gotta think about this stuff AD people.

(Cougarpad) #46

The team has taken the ball to the hole much more this half! Brooks has also been on fire!

(Patrick) #47

97-51 Coogs with 1:25 left. Couple chances at the 100, but haven’t gotten it…yet.

About to get a Caleb Broodo sighting.

(Cougarpad) #48

Chris Harris has been such a disappointment so far with his athletic abilities. Sampson just had to yell at him because he was not in the right spot on the floor for one of the plays. That shouldn’t happen for a player that is, not a freshman.

(Patrick) #49

Coogs win it 101-54.

Great start.

(Russel ) #50

This is by far the deepest team I have ever witnessed since following them in 2003!


Wow, that does look like a team that could do some damage. Love the length, range and speed I saw.


By the way guys, OK state lost today to Charleston. So we need them to not lose another stupid game like that and us take care of business against the teams we’re suppose to and beat Oregon,BYU,State,LSU,St. Louis etc. we can’t afford any bad losses this year. That being said from what I saw today this is going to be an AWESOME season. Go coogs baby

(Charles) #53

In their first game of the season, Ala A&M lost to South Florida 80-63


It’s the game available online to rewatch?


(Charles) #56

I don’t want to get too excited, but this team looked really good for the first game of the season. I don’t think that A&M was a complete crap pile, but they certainly didn’t look like a team nowhere in our class. Considering that one of our starters is out (Young) and we played four new guys, I was impressed. I can’t wait to start following them and their progress. Go Coogs!

(PMM) #57

The missing starter is Fabian White.


Just finished watching the replay…thanks Taz.

Wow…just wow! I know the competition really wasn’t there…but wow!!!..the offense just comes in waves, one after another non-stop. There is no dropoff when the bench subs start coming in. And the defense…just wow. CKS has these guys playing at midseason form. What a way to start!

(Patrick) #59

It was a good win. Even CKS after the game didn’t have much to complain about…which is odd for him early in the season.

But, just to provide some balance, Alabama A&M was 350th in RPI last year…out of 351 teams. We probably had a tougher game in the exhibition against Div II Dallas Baptist.

But, we took care of business and got guys on the court that needed that court time. Can’t ask for much more than that against a team like this.

(Patrick) #60