Copies of old games

Many of you know Dr. Bott used to have copies of old Cougar games. But now I understand that he’s gone.

Did he give that collection to anyone to carry on?

Does anyone know if anyone’s making copies of some of these games?

Comcast is having me put in new DVR boxes, and I have a bunch of games from the past 4 or 5 years that I’d like to keep (or duplicate). This is why I ask. I’d like to buy copies of some of these.

Alternatively, does anyone know someone who will make DVDs from shows on DVRs for cash? I’ve been looking online without any luck.

One of the programs I want to copy is an old Cougar weekly football show that has my son running on the field (during one of those fan days).

Any help would be appreciated. Mike

Some of the old games are on you tube. I’ve seen UH vs baylor, tech, S&M, ut, Miami, Arkansas. These games were circa run-n-shoot, which is odd because I thought we were on probation?

Couple of playlists on YouTube with quite a few games:

There’s also links to videos i the Classic Stories forums and may be a few other things in there:

Where did Dr Bott go? The 60-40 win over UT in 87 is one I am interested in.

Took a position in the UK to build a new chemistry department at a university. There’s a thread about it I think. Search his name.

That was attached to him being up for tenure and not getting it. Which results in the immediate firing of the professor. it wasn’t that he wasn’t an amazing professor, but to the tenure committee he wasn’t adding monetary value with research or anything so he rightly was denied tenure. Unfortunate since he was one of our biggest advocates.

Wow! Big news about Dr. Bott. Sure seems like you need the teachers and researchers to make a dynamic department.

I know a lot of really fantastic professors who have chosen not to go tenure track. It really depends on their ability to provide valuable research, but I think in general universities are moving away from tenure, I think it is getting much more difficult to get.

Those universities are relaying on “lecturers” to do the teaching. Instead of having a PhD guide students they’d rather pay someone like a high school teacher to teach higher level education. It’s cheaper and it’s disgusting. UNT does it.

Yes, universities and even colleges are moving more towards adjuncts to save money. However, there are limits. In particular, accreditation requires a faculty have a higher level degree than the students they are teaching, up to the PhD level. It’s not a good development, but it’s not so bad that people with high school teaching level credentials are teaching college.

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