Corporate Counsel Magazine: UHLC LL.M in Tax Law #2 in the Country

Behind only NYU!!!

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As someone who works as a tax lawyer, I must say I agree.

I attended UH for undergrad (Class of 2001) and visited my last year in law school, and took several tax law classes. I was very, very impressed by the quality of the professors, the amount of scholarly research, and the practical experience of many of the full time and adjunct law professors.

Finally I work with more than a few Tax LLMs from all of the “major” programs (i.e., Georgetown, NYU, Florida and Northwestern) and I would stack the UHLC grads up against any of them.

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From which school did you receive your JD?

I only took one Tax Law course during my time there in the mid-90s, and all of the tax law professors from that time have either died (Shepherd), retired (Streng), or moved on to other schools (Westin). I had Westin.

But we must have some pretty good tax law professors today!

I hadProf. Streng for Corporate Tax. I also took two more tax classes which were twiggy by Adjuncts:

  • Business Planning (One former Chief Tax Counsel at ConocoPhillips and another partner from Houston mid-sizes form that now escapes me)
  • State and Local Tax (Two in house Attorneys at Marathon Oil. Great class).

Great classes all of them.

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