Cougar Great Bruce Lietzke Dies At 67


(Gregg) #2

Bruce was a good one, great guy. Friend of the Hardline in Dallas at The Ticket. He will be missed.

(Patrick) #3

Rest in Peace, Coog

Family and friends rally around Bruce Lietzke as he takes diagnosis in stride (Update: Bruce passed away this morning)
(Patrick) #4

“I will miss my best friend,” Houston letterman and 1981 Open Championship Bill Rogers said. “He was as good a friend as a person could have.”

(Patrick) #5


Sorry to hear about this. Just a tad before my time, however, my dad would always point out the UH greats when he’d see them on TV, and he was mentioned several times.

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Don’t worry about it; I think it’s better in it’s own post and moved the posts from the other thread over to here.

(Chris) #8

R.I.P. Mr. Lietzke.

(Patrick) #9

University of Houston teammate Fuzzy Zoeller remembers their fishing excursions just as much as golf successes.

“We lost a great friend,” Zoeller said. “He was A-plus on everything. I know one thing: If there’s a big huge lake up in heaven — and I know there is — then the crappie beware.”