Cougar WR graphic - 1 of 3 teams in nation w/ 3 WRs = 30 receptions

Marquez Stevenson is coming back this week and CTH seems pumped up about it. Stevenson and Samples were who he wanted all along in the slot. As good as Bonner has been in that position this year, it will be nice to add a burner to the mix. Somewhat surprisingly, Applewhite has only used D’Eriq King on smoke screens and never down field. Maybe that has something to do with his hands? Hopefully Stevenson has better hands on the deep balls than Isaiah Johnson does. Guess we’ll find out this week. Just nice to be adding depth at the midway point of the season rather than constantly losing depth.

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Seems like we haven’t had the speed at WR we’ve had in past years. Our receivers are more “possession” type receivers who will catch almost anything that comes their way. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I would love to see the stats on their YACs.

My biggest concern is Ward and his receivers hooking up on the long balls. Something is definitely not working there. Get that fixed, regardless of the type of receivers, and this offense goes into overdrive.

After Stevenson and Samples, I. Johnson was supposed to be the deep threat. However, his hands and mistakes are keeping him from taking over that role. Otherwise, CTH likes receivers that can block on the outside and wants guys to catch the ball. Bonner fits at the slot because he has the best hands on the team, but all 3 starters are great blockers.

Stevenson coming back should hopefully open the field.

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