Cougars insider: Dana Holgorsen says UH will be back on top 'as soon as

As the schedule winds down, Holgorsen plans to pick spots for younger players to get game experience.

The latest among true freshmen to make their collegiate debuts in Saturday’s loss to UCF: safety Ronald Nunnery and defensive lineman Nelson Caeser. They join quarterback Logan Holgorsen (four games) and running back Terrell Brown (one game) as first-year players to see action.

Holgorsen has indicated offensive linemen Patrick Paul, Chayse Todd and Cam’Ron Johnson could get playing time during the final month.


Wow, Car is going to reshirt? This team is going to be awesome next year. I think Holgorsen knows what he’s doing.

Car, a senior who will sit the final three games to preserve his redshirt year of eligibility, had 132 yards and two touchdowns against UCF. That followed his 136-yard performance against SMU.


Mulbah or Patrick?


Mulbah Car vs Patrick Carr. One “r” vs two., i.e. Car is always Mulbah, and Carr is always Patrick.


Oh ok, I already knew about Mulbah redshirting. I got excited for a second that Patrick was too. That would have been one heck of a backfield.

If mulbah graduates there is no guarantee he won’t transfer also, who knows, I hope not I think he is our best RB we have

C’mon now, there’s no guarantee that UH will even field a FB team next year either.


I heard the whole team will be wearing redshirts next year! :call_me_hand:t4:🟥


So Brian T Smith wrote a TSN article that was pure garbage


I read the article today. Certainly nothing in it that wasn’t accurate. Doesn’t paint a happy picture of the program, but then I don’t think many people are happy with this year either. Everyone’s view of UH Football right now is based on how much faith they have in Dana Holgerson and the redshirt plan. When the five year scholarship cycle that makes up the current roster contains three coaching transition classes, you can make a case that it’s just too much to overcome and you should punt on this season and try to load up for 2020 and beyond. Everybody also has their own bar in mind as to how many wins in 2020 will make this strategy seem worth it. For most I think next year’s absolute minimum would be 9 wins given this year is likely to be 4-8. We will know by Dec 1 of 2020 if it was a worthwhile strategy.


Anyone that attended last year’s bowl game up in Fort Worth knew darn well that UH would not having a winning season this year. The defense was totally depleted and we had no cornerbacks - none what-so-ever! So, a rebuilding season was in store and onward and upward we go. After Herman & Applewhite’s gross negligence with regard to player red-shirting, it is going to take awhile longer to restore the roar on Cullen.

It is what it is, and I’ll be there through it all - the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.


If you want a reminder of what rebuilding looks like research Bill Yeoman’s teams of 1963, 1964, and 1965. Not one winning season, not one Bowl Game.

We do have a core of talent. Note that we put up 350 yards of Offense in just one half against UCF.

We do not lose games 70-14. We do not quit. When his hamstring is healthy Tune is more than serviceable at QB. Our RB’s are really good. Stevenson is a premier WR.

UH Football is not light years away from being pretty good. Trust our Management Team, starting with Dana. He is fired up! Watch him during games. Not the vacant stare of Apple.


We are not the talent level of the 0-12 UCF team a few years ago. After this year we begin the climb.

What’s interesting to consider is: where would be the program be if it was not Dana picked to turn it around this season? Major had fired his DC before the bowl game and it became evident his OC was gone regardless. I prefer the Dana option to:

  1. Another season of Major with yet another new OC for Season 3 and picking a new DC
  2. Hiring an up-and-coming coordinator / position coach, yet unproven head coach from a P5 school

I am not sure what the pool would have been for #2 after the slow finish to the regular season and the embarrassment in the bowl game. Dana may not work out but I feel much better with that option than the other two.


Mulbah doesn’t graduate until after next season. No worry about him leaving.

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Good to hear I really like him as RB

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Yes, Dana said from the start that we were looking to redshirt Carr because he would be in school amother year. Hope he gets a lot of touches next year.

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Car. Not Carr

The HC hack smith failed to mention the previous 4 years of rape of the program by the previous 2 coaches.

It was nothing more than another hit job by a HC hack !