Could be good for UH

Our diversity at UH should be out top recruiting pitch…we may start getting a lot of these players here again!

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I’m not sure the diversity card is going to work on top recruits for UH. Everyone has told them that they should go to a Power 5 program so they may find another P5 school with an environment that is friendlier and welcoming to all.

I think we will start getting top players when one G5 is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs or we join a P5 but that is a discussion for another thread.

The money of the P5 just gives a tremendous advantage on the recruiting front. You’ll have coaches at some schools say they can’t spend all the money they are budgeted. Plus, we need to see what COVID will do to college football. It could hurt G5s far worse than P5s

For recruiting, it’s more about prestige and exposure than money or a path to the CFP.

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