Could Greg Ward play QB in the NFL?

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I only post this because 790 was having a discussion on how dumb Obrien was to sign a statue like Johnson who has not played for four years instead of a mobile QB.

Yes, GW is only 5’10.5" and around 185. And he does not own a cannon for an arm.
But I keep seeing BOB sign these guys who were 55% passers in college ()Mallet Osweiller and Savage) before they sign Watson. Your % does not go up from college to the pros.

Watson’s success was that he was not a statue and could buy time behind a weak line. Which kind of sounds like GW when he took over for JOK. And GW has an accurate arm completing close to 70%.

And for those that say he is not even close to being in the same league as Watson that is what they said when we lined up against OK and Mayfield, and Louisville and Jackson. Yet all he did every game was outperform those other QBs.

Throw in the fact he has the “it” factor and I would bet money with a few weeks under center he would do well.

Keenum finally got a chance on a decent team and he shines. I just think Rick Smith and BOB are too stupid to even consider it…based on the retread they picked up.


yes, in the right system …

the problem with ward is durability. the right system allows him to run…
at his weight and nfl level of tackling, in a running system you question if he can have a long career at qb


Coach BOB wants qbs that are 6-2 to 6-4 because qbs are supposed to be 6-2 to 6-4. Rick Smith would not know qb if one was delivered by FedEx. The Texans should just go with Savage and gather a high 1st rounder. Oh wait, they traded that away. The real solution is for the disgruntled Texans fans should start attending UH games.

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I think as long as he gets down and does not take big shots he would be fine.
The kid is a gamer. All he ever did is win. Would like to see how he does for Texans since they need to roll the pocket for the QB to survive.

Wishful thinking. That organization is horrible…yes, you Rick Smith.

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If the NFL was willing to tailor there offensive systems and get players that fit, Ward might have a shot, but in the current climate, most offensive systems are the same and the coaches want the same cookie cutter players.

Ward’s biggest issue, besides his stature, would be his arm strength. He’s accurate short to mid range, but his deep ball was never great.


No. Ward was constantly hurt in college, and that wouldn’t change at the NFL level where everyone is bigger and stronger and there are more games. There’s no way Ward’s shoulder makes it through a 16-to-20 game NFL season.


I agree. I would say his arm is a bigger draw back than is size.

There must be a decent mobile QB from a few years back who’s slinging hash somewhere. Find him. Give him a shot. What’s there to lose?

Not Kapernick. He’s a head case the Texans don’t need.

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You just mentioned him…


Well, it’s not up to me but if it were he would not be considered. He’s a head case and you don’t need that at QB.

But who’s second choice? Beats me.

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Just because someone stands up for what they believe in doesn’t make them a head case.

Lying, contradicting yourself, and making a fool of the people you represent makes you a head case.




Generally people and their wives have pretty similar political viewpoints.


If he stood up there would be no problem

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I’m not sure that his shoulder is an issue anymore. Last year he protected himself pretty well after he got dinged. I think it took that for him to learn he is not invincible.
And the Texans absolutely 100% need an “escapable” QB. RG III did not learn his lesson about LBs in the NFL. Neither did VY. Michael Vick learned and played a long time.
I think GW Jr. Could be a Vick type with a bit less arm.

I see waaaaaaaay too many Big Stature, rocket arm QBs coming into the NFL with a completion % of 55%. The coaches think they can fix accuracy issues. They CAN’T. You either are good at hitting a WR running a post or you are not. These big guys are turnover machine because they don’t know where the ball is going.
Ward, like Keenum before him, took great care of the ball. He also was able to buy time (necessary with the Texans OLine) and hit WR who were able to break free down the field.
To me, he is a smaller, faster, versions of Watson. At this point they should at least try him out. If he doesn’t make it they can put him in that group with Osweiler, Savage, Yates, Shaub, Carr,…but they were all statues.


Vick was 2 inches taller and 30 lbs heavier than Ward, with a 40 time that’s .3 seconds faster. MV7 was the kind of singular talent we may never see again. As much as I love Ward to death, comparing Greg Ward to Mike Vick is like comparing Ricky Stanzi to Tom Brady.

At the same time, completion percentage isn’t really an apples-to-apples stat. Some QBs are required to learn a complete, pro-style offense in college and throw deep every other play, while others get to throw screens and shovel passes every other attempt. An offense that asks you to do more is necessarily going to hurt your stats.

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I conceded the first part regarding MV being a once in a generation guy.

But if a person suiting up for Bama, PSU, Michigan, LSU or USC cannot complete 60% of their throws regardless of system, they should NOT be in the NFL.
These guys typically have all day to throw, little pressure, great running games, and the biggest, fastest WRs money can buy. So if under those conditions you cannot complete 60% you should complete your degree and get a job.

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No he couldn’t because not only does he not have that strong of an arm but he doesn’t throw longer than 20yds with any accuracy.


Lol. 60% in a pro style offense is absolutely bonkers. Joe Montana completed less than 55% of his passes all 3 of his years starting at Notre Dame. Tom Brady completed about 62% as a starter at Michigan. Beyond that, though, there are only a handful of guys from blue blood schools that ran pro style offenses in the NFL – it’s basically just Manning, Stafford, Winston, Palmer, and Cousins – and all of them completed over 60% of their passes in college.


Johnny Football. :laughing:


Ward would be fine. There are plenty of little NFL qbs who have had success. For the sake of longevity he would need to slide and run out of bounds more.